10 More of the Best Foods In Binghamton

By October 13, 2014 February 2nd, 2015 Updates

Two weeks ago we highlighted our “Top 10 Foods To Try In Binghamton” (read original post here). After conducting some more research and talking to the fine people of Binghamton, we decided to come out with 10 more must-try foods. Just a note: this list is comprised of dishes served up in the City of Binghamton and does not include JC, Endicott, Vestal, etc. Enjoy!

1. Wings From The Old Union Hotel-These crispy, morsels of goodness have been attracting customers to the Old Union Hotel since they reopened in 2012. Our recommendation would be to go with the garlic parm or honey siracha, but in all honestly all of their flavors are worth the trip.

2. Cortese Pizza-This pizza is unique. There are adamant lovers and vehement opponents of Cortese Pizza. Put us in the category of supporters. The crust is flaky and buttery and the cheese is perfectly melted. Definitely give it a try to see which side of the fence you stand on.

3. Despina’s Gyros-When you think of amazing Greek food your mind should instantly shift to Despina’s Mediterranean Taste. Despina herself has been dishing up to-die-for gyros for the past 5+ years from her Court Street location. We’re traditionalists and usually go with the lamb gyro.

4. Crepe Heaven Crepes-There are crepes in Binghamton? Yes there are! Crepe Heaven is a true hidden gem. They dish out both sweet and savory crepes. Our personal favorites are the Nutella (chocolate/hazelnut spread) and the Meat Lovers (ground beef, potatoes and onion).

5. Social On State Ahi Tartare Tower-This dish is fresh, light and delicious. The fish is extremely fresh and the combination of the tuna, avocado, wasabi and crispy wonton is out of this world. This dish is too good to share.

6. Cyber Cafe Vegetarian Chili-Cyber Cafe is one of our favorite places to hang out and get some work done. Our favorite dish there is the vegetarian chili topped with some cheddar cheese and sour cream. It’s warm, filling and delicious.

7. Tranquil’s Chicken & Waffles-Brunch is hard to come by in this town. No what’s even harder to come by? Chicken and waffles done right. Luckily for us Binghamtontonians, Tranquil Bar & Bistro has perfected this dish. The waffle is light and fluffy, the chicken is perfectly fried and the chili-infused maple syrup is the perfect blend of sweet and savory.

8. Remlik’s Sushi-When you think of Remlik’s you might not instantly think of great sushi, but you should. Every Wednesday-Saturday, their classically trained sushi chef serves up some of the best sushi in Binghamton. Although they have specialty rolls every week, our personal favorite is still a basic spicy tuna roll.

9. The Texas Hot From TJ’s-Biting into a Texas Hot is like biting into a little piece of heaven. The flavor combo of the hot dog, chili, mustard and onions blend perfectly and will have your mouth watering for more. TJ’s Famous Texas Hot’s dishes out the best in the area and has had us coming back for more for years.

10. Craft Beer-We know, we know. This technically isn’t food but we felt compelled to put this on the list since it’s distinctly Binghamton. Galaxy Brewing Co and Water Street Brewing Co are brewing up some amazing local craft beers. Our personal favorites are: The NY Harvest Ale (Galaxy), Oktoberfest (Galaxy), St. Stusan (Galaxy), Cyborg Betty (Water Street) and Juno’s Sun (Water Street).