10 Reasons to be EXCITED For B-Sens Hockey

By October 9, 2014 February 2nd, 2015 Updates

Fall is in the air, leaves are turning beautiful colors and everything you see has the words “Pumpkin Spice” in front of it… this can only mean one thing: Hockey season is here! Here at the ‘Key, few things get us more excited than B-Sens Hockey. What gets us so excited you ask?

1.) The Experience. How many people do you know that can say they have a professional hockey team in their back yard? Answer: not many. Nothing’s cooler than seeing a guy score a huge goal on TV and being able to say: “Hey, I saw him play in Binghamton!”

max bsens

2.) The Pre-Games. Being that the Arena is right downtown, there’s no shortage of amazing places to grab some grub before hitting the game. Personal favorites include Binghamton Hots and Zona Grille, where you’re sure to be surrounded by your fellow rowdy Sens fans.

3.) The Post-Games. What’s a good hockey game without a frosty beverage or two after, right? Luckily, there’s no shortage of popular watering holes to hit after the game, either. Dillinger’s Pub is always a popular choice amongst your brethren in Red and Black, as are it’s neighbors along State Street. If you’re looking to change it up, we recommend trying our one of Bing’s local breweries, with Galaxy and Water Street both offering strong lineups to help celebrate a victory or cope with all the blown calls that led to a BS defeat.

4.) The Camaraderie. We’re not sure what it is, but nothing brings a group of friends together quite like some bone-crunching body checks or big-time powerplay goals. Even if you walk in as a casual fan, there’s a good chance you’ll walk out with a new friend talking about how we got robbed on that penalty call or how much of a D-Bag  number 22 on the other team is.

5.) The Hometown Spirit. Few things are cooler than seeing your town’s name throughout the arena once the puck drops. If you were lucky enough to be around during the Calder Cup championship season of 2011, you know firsthand just how awesome it is when Sens-fever really hits Bing.

calder cup

6.) The lingo. Hockey as a language that is most definitely unique to the sport. Take a listen around the arena and there’s a good chance you hear fellow fans discussing “lighting the lamp”, “getting after the biscuit on the forecheck” and “undressing that defenseman with some sick mitts”. It’s okay if you don’t get it all right away, you’ll understand it by the time you leave.

7.) Intermission activities. If you get up from your seat during intermission, you might just miss the highlight of the night. From the patented “Chuck-A-Puck” promotion to watching your fellow fans (who may, or may not be adept at walking on the ice surface) take shots on net from the blueline, this is definitely something that you are not going to want to miss. **CommuniKey Pro-Tip: try to hit a game during Pee-wee hockey night during intermission, these kids get after it out there!

8.) The Change of Pace. While we have an awesome bar and restaurant scene in Downtown Binghamton, sometimes you just need to do something different on a Tuesday night. Nothing fills this void better than a little hometown hockey. Yes, you can still eat delicious food and enjoy a frosty beverage or two while you do it, but it’s nice to break up the monotony once in a while.

9.) Our Arena. The greatest thing about our building? There is literally not a bad seat in the house. No matter where you are, you’ll catch every bit of the action. **CommuniKey Pro-tip: while it might seem like a cool idea, try to avoid sitting directly behind the benches. Just trust us.

bsens arena

10.) Your CommuniKey Deal. Big news this year: B-Sens tickets are just $10 this year when you get them in advance of game day ($11 on gameday). Ten bucks, TEN BUCKS! We’re talking over 40% off normal ticket prices here, every time you go to a game. By far one of our favorite deals, hoping it’s one of yours too.

There you have it, ten reasons were psyched about ten dollar CommuniKey tickets this season.

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