Where I Would Go If The Zombie Apocalypse Hit Binghamton

By February 15, 2016 Updates

The mid-season premier of The Walking Dead aired last night. As I was watching, I thought to myself (as I have hundreds of times before): where would I go if the zombie apocalypse were to hit Downtown Binghamton? Don’t lie, you’ve thought the same thing.

After some careful thinking and strategizing I came up with three spots in Downtown Binghamton I’d head to first, in the event of a zombie take-over.

Twin River Commons

This place is a fortress. It’s made out of solid concrete and is surrounded on all sides by iron gates and chain linked fences. Presumably, if those barricades hold, nothing’s getting in. There’s also a variety of other security features like alarms, cameras and motion lights. Pretty secure if you ask me. And because it’s an apartment complex (for college students, no less) there’s an ample supply of bathrooms (assuming the plumbing is working), food (non-perishable Ramen), water and beer.

Even if the first floor were to be breached it would be easy to head to the top floors and just barricade the stairwells.

Oh and did I mention there’s a gym? Perfect for keeping fit to fight against any intruding zombies.

NYSEG Stadium

From the outside this place looks impenetrable. The entire outside is made of cinderblocks and 20 foot high steel gates. Once inside you have a couple options for shelter. Assuming the outer walls aren’t breached you could make your home in the luxury skyboxes, which have a high probability of being stocked with food if the BMets are in season. Even if they aren’t I’m sure there are freezers full of food somewhere inside the stadium. If the walls were to become breached you could lock yourself in the locker rooms, which lie deep in the stadium and would provide ample protection.

NYSEG Stadium is appealing for a couple other reasons: escape routes and weaponry. If things were to go south, the field is plenty big enough to support a couple of evac helicopters. And there’s also the possibility of hopping on a train passing through Binghamton on it’s way to salvation. If you get pinned down you’ll have ample baseball bats to choose from to fight your way through the zombie horde.

The Arena

Similar to NYSEG stadium and TRC, this place is pretty secure. Most of the entrance ways can be blocked with heavy metal doors and gates. The windows that surround the Arena will give survivors a 360 degree view of what’s going on around them to help make decisions and plan escape routes, if necessary.

If things get really hairy you can run up the spiral stairs (you know the ones you loved running down as a kid) and lock yourself up on the second floor. Besides the staircase the only way up are elevators and from the seats themselves. Luckily, the skyboxes all have pull down gates so you’re protected from the seating area and to my knowledge, zombies don’t know how to use elevators. Double bonus: the 2nd floor skyboxes and bar area will have food and water (hopefully).

If the zombie apocalypse were to hit Binghamton, where would you go? Let us know on our Facebook page.