5 CommuniKey Hacks For Every Parent

By January 9, 2016 January 10th, 2016 Updates

Raise your hand if you’re a parent? OK, good. Now keep your hand raised if being a parent can be stressful? There’s a 110% chance that your hand is still outstretched. Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with that.

Hi my name is Dave. I’m one of the co-founders of CommuniKey and the proud father of three beautiful (but wild) boys. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned starting this business is that it can be very difficult balancing work and family life. Another thing that starting this business has taught me: how being a CommuniKey member can actually relieve some of the craziness of being a parent.

So here it goes, 5 of my biggest CommuniKey hacks for every parent.

Ordering Food Has Never Been Simpler-Have you ever heard of BingoEats? No? Well consider this your official introduction. These guys are life-savers. No really, I mean it. There have been countless occasions where my wife and I have gotten home late from work, picked up the boys from school/daycare, only to realize that there’s nothing ready for dinner. When this happens I simply pick up the phone and call BingoEats and they deliver our favorite food right to our door. Consol’s Vestal, Moghul, Binghamton Hots, Thai Time. No matter what you’re craving, they’ll deliver. Bonus: CommuniKey members get free delivery!

No More Rice To Fix Electronics-I’ve gone through three phones in the past two years. Not by choice, unfortunately. I leave those things out on the table and within minutes the screen is cracked or it’s submerged in water. I’m sure you can relate. Since starting CommuniKey I’ve gotten to know the good people over at 607 Tech Solutions. They’re experts at fixing broken electronics and they take great care of their customers. Bonus: CommuniKey members get 15% when they use their CommuniKey.

Our Cars Have Never Felt Better-We log a lot of miles on our car every year from taking our kids to school, practices, etc. All that driving puts on a lot of wear on the inside and outside of our vehicles. CommuniKey understands your pain and has partnered up with the teams at Meineke and Wash At Joe’s. Between the two of them they’ll make sure your car runs smoothly and looks great too. Bonus: CommuniKey members get 10% off services at Meineke and $2 off “Platinum” and “Super Ultimate Wash” at Wash At Joe’s (Vestal location)

Silence Is Golden (No Matter How Temporary)-I’m sure your kids love ice cream. I know ours do. But as you know ice cream can be filled with a ton of sugar and fat. Fortunately, we’ve discovered Sweet Frog (Binghamton) and Hoopla. They have a bunch of healthy, low fat and low sugar options. And our kids can top of their cups with fresh fruit and other healthy toppings. The best part? Kids really like froyo which provides a little bit of peace and quiet while they’re eating. Bonus: CommuniKey members get $4 small cups at Sweet Frog (that’s right, load it up as much as you want) and 15% off at Hoopla.

Kids Eat Free-Here’s another tip that isn’t CommuniKey exclusive but is definitely worth sharing: kid’s eat free every Tuesday at Consol’s Vestal. Just tell them CommuniKey sent you!

I know, if you’re like me, you probably don’t download a ton of apps…certainly not ones you have to pay for. I really want you to be able to try this for yourself though. If you download us off of Google Play or the Apple App Store and enter promo code “PARENTHACKS” your first month’s membership ($1.99) will be on me. After that you can cancel anytime, but you probably won’t after you see what you get for $2 bucks a month 🙂

A Little Bit About CommuniKey (In Case You Didn’t Know)

We’re a local start-up, founded by life-long residents of the area, who are dedicated making Broome County a better place. We’re achieving this goal through our mobile app membership program, which allows our members (3,000 and counting) to get exclusive deals/discounts at over 120 of the most popular local businesses throughout Broome County. To learn a little more about how it all works click here.