5 Reasons You Need CommuniKey For Your Senior Year At BU

By September 30, 2015 Updates

There’s nothing like your senior year in Binghamton. Most of your tough classes are out of the way, you’ve been there and done that in regards to most of the ‘Bearcat Bucket Lists’ and you have roughly nine months to spend with the squad before that whole “real life” thing kicks in. Here are five places we think we can help make your senior year one to remember:

Uncle Tony’s- We’re not telling you anything you don’t already know here. Chances are you’ve filed Tony’s under that “been there, done that” category we talked about before. What you probably didn’t know is that your second drink is always on the house when you have CommuniKey. Whether you had a rough day, or you’re just getting an early start on the weekend: your next one’s on us.

The Weekly Freebie- Senior year often takes “balling on a budget” to a whole new level. Fear not, we got you covered here too. Every week we roll out our “Weekly Freebie” where, if you’re one of the first twenty members to get to a business, lunch or dinner could be on us. We’re talking legit giveaways here. Classic Burgers from Burger Mondays, quesadillas from Zona, sandwiches from Nezuntoz, and about another dozen each semester. And if you can’t make the first twenty? These beauties are still 50% off.

Leroy Package Store- It’s your Senior Year, wine and liquor will be purchased. 15% off your wine, 5% off your liquor. We’ll just leave it at that.

The Bagel Factory- As you’re out late celebrating your last year in Bing, you’re undoubtedly going to need some solid recovery food in the morning. If there’s a better place to get it, we haven’t found it yet. The 15% off you get is great, but THE HOMEFRIES ARE F@#*ING MAGICAL.

Muckles Ink- While the amount of dark green t-shirts in your closet has probably grown exponentially over the past three years, you’re gunna need some swag to commemorate your last year in Bing. Let’s be real, you can’t leave without ingeniously designed Parade Day and Bar Crawl t-shirts that came from flashes of drunken brilliance. Fortunately for you Casey and Chauna are here to make them a reality. And give you 15% off. And they’re alumni like us (support them, you’ll be one soon too).

So let’s do this and do it big. Download off of Google Play or the App Store and let’s make this last ride a great one. In fact, the first month’s on us. Enter promo code “SENIOR16” and we’ll cover your first month’s $1.99 subscription.