7 Reasons Why Living In Binghamton Is Pretty Great

By September 16, 2014 February 2nd, 2015 Updates

Don’t listen to the haters. Binghamton isn’t the hick town that everyone makes it out to be. Yes, we struggle with crime, poverty, and an outdated infrastructure, but then again what town doesn’t have issues? There’s actually a lot going on here and anyone that tells you otherwise is either misinformed or ignorant. So go ahead and bask in your Binghamton pride!

1. The Food-Binghamton (and Broome County) is a foodie destination. We are not only the birthplace of the iconic Spiedie sub, but also host to a multitude of other ethnic and diverse dining options. On any given night you can get Italian, Greek, Thai, French, Middle Eastern, Indian, American, Cuban, Southwestern, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Mexican, German, etc. We have good pizza, good burgers, good steaks, and good sushi. Basically, if you want it, some restaurant in the area is bound to serve it.

2. The Arts-For its size, Binghamton has a thriving and vibrant arts scene. Artists’ Row on State Street is home to several world-famous artists and their galleries are heavily attended the First Friday of every month. Looking for performing arts? Binghamton has it! There’s the Broadway Theatre League, The Forum, The KNOW Theatre, The Art Mission, Tri-Cities Opera, The Binghamton Philharmonic, The Goodwill Theatre and EPAC (sorry if we missed anyone). We also want to recognize all of the independent photographers, performers and artists who also greatly contribute to our arts scene.

3. The Sports-Binghamton is a sports town. We are home to two minor league champion sports franchises. The Binghamton Mets are the AA affiliate to the New York Mets and recently took home the Eastern League Crown. The Binghamton Senators are the AHL affiliate to the Ottawa Senators who were the Calder Cup champions in 2011. Binghamtonians can also enjoy a variety of D1 sports at Binghamton University.

4. The Location-Binghamton is within driving distance of many large metropolitan areas on the East Coast/Midwest including NYC (3 hours), Philadelphia (3 hours), Washington DC (5 hours), Boston (5 hours), Baltimore (5 hours), Pittsburgh (6 hours), Cleveland (6 hours), and Toronto (6 hours). We’re also a short distance away from other destinations such as the Finger Lakes, the Adirondacks, the Catskills, Atlantic City, the Jersey Shore, etc. Binghamton should be called the “Road Trip” City.

5. Nature-First of all it’s a huge plus that we experience all four seasons (well maybe Winter not so much). In the Fall the hills light up with changing leaves. There’s something magical about the City covered in a light dusting of snow in the Winter. The Spring may be wet but there’s no better feeling in the world when that weather starts to warm up. Our summers are pretty warm which is perfect for outdoor activities. Binghamton is also home to many parks, trails and recreation areas to experience the outdoors.

6. The Events-Binghamton/Broome County plays host to many large festivals/gatherings/events throughout the year which include: Spiedie Fest, Restaurant Week, The Dick’s Open, St. Anthony’s Bazaar, St. Mary’s Bazaar, Pride Palooza, Santacon, Empire Fest, First Friday, Parade Day, July Fest and Gusto Italian Festival to name a few. Parade Day can’t come soon enough.

7. The History-We normally like to focus on the future but it’s worth looking back at our past once in a while. Binghamton and Broome County have a rich history. We’re the birthplace to IBM as well as many celebrities including Rod Serling, Johnny Hart, The Jones Brothers and Jim Johnson (to name a select few). Binghamton was once a major manufacturing and industrial center and we’re optimistic that we can achieve the economic prosperity that the region enjoyed in years past.