Black Friday – CommuniKey Style

By November 25, 2015 Updates

It’s here again. Batten down the hatches and get ready for the insanity that is Black Friday. We personally don’t participate in this annual, American shopping tradition but if we did, here is how we’d spend our hypothetical Black Friday.

First off, we’d probably roll out of bed around 8 AM. None of this 3 AM nonsense. We’re still full from Thanksgiving dinner and getting up early on our day off doesn’t sound appealing. But, to fight-off our general tiredness we’ll start our day with a quick caffeine fix/bite-to-eat. As stated above we’re still pretty full from last night’s feast so we’ll probably just opt for a coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Sip of Seattle, Chroma, or Nezuntoz Cafe. If we did want to go for the full-on fuel-up, a stack of Chris’ Diner’s massive pancakes or 3 egg omelets would be the way to go.

OK, so now that we have our caffeine fix time to do a little bit of shopping. As the owners of a company that promote local businesses we’re going to head out to all of our favorite local spots including Destiny Designs Jewelry and Gifts, Portobello Row, Red Barn Computers, 607 Tech Solutions, Sound-Go-Round, and Vapor King. Between those places we can knock out a good portion of our shopping. But honestly, as long as you’re supporting local businesses we don’t care where you go.

Lunch time. There’s two approaches we can take here: quick snack or meal. Either way it has to be quick. For a quick snack we’ll probably head to either SkinnyLicks, Sweet Frog or Hoopla for a fro-yo. If we’re looking for more of a meal Binghamton Hots will probably be our spot. Can’t go wrong with one of their delicious burgers, wraps or salads. Nirchi’s is also an excellent option. A couple slices of their famous chicken, bacon ranch pizza will do the trick.

After lunch, we continue our shopping for a few more hours. Like we said, shop local.

Time for dinner. We’ve basically been shopping for eight straight hours at this point. If we’re in Binghamton we’re heading to Burger MondaysZona or Thai Time. On the chance that we’re close to Endicott we’ll probably stop at Podlasie (amazing Polish food btw), Joeys, Kristofer’s, or 1st Thai Basil.

And to cap off the day and celebrate our first Black Friday we’re grabbing a drink from either Uncle Tony’s or The North Brewery. Because honestly, we need a beer at this point after fighting off rabid crowds of shoppers all day.

Enjoy your Black Friday. Be safe. Stay fueled.

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