CommuniKey Mid-Term Hacks

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Hey guys Intern Dave here, I know that midterms are coming up shortly (or are happening now). Whether you have been hitting the books every night or its hitting you like the broadside of a bus, the Communikey team just wants to let you know that we have your back. We put together some tips to make sure you keep your sanity for the next couple of weeks.

Hours of market research has brought us down to just a couple of factors stick to these and you’ll be good.

WHEN: This is a huge factor when it comes down to studying. Let’s remember that the night before is not always the best time to study, but more often than not it happens. So when the struggle is real you don’t want to leave your bed or desk to go out and grab some food remember we offer free delivery with BingoEats so you can attack that study guide you made 3 months ago.

WHERE: Roommates partying, Bartle is packed, you just want a solid atmosphere and a table to call your own. Luckily downtown has some sick spots for this. Hit up our friends at Strange Brew right downtown and put in some work hours secluded from he madness. Oh yeah, 15% off with your ‘Key aint bad either to stay awake.

WHAT: We talk about these things that are 30% of our grade, sometimes the first test of the year we don’t know what to expect but remember they are just tests, pieces of paper, not monsters. Good or Bad it is not the end of the world. But we’ve been there, we know how it is. So after when you are hanging around praying to the Gods of Harpur for the curve of the century, go and take the edge off at Uncle Tony’s where you buy your first drink and your second is free with your ‘Key (and 15% off food or you Under 21’s)

WHY: Remember why you are doing this. If you are in the position taking midterms it means you are a college student, someone who made the conscious decision to go get an education, become better, and change the world. We believe in you and so should you. That’s why just for reading this Blog you will get a Month’s membership for FREE just use PROMO CODE: KEYHACK22

Binghamton Parade Day Fails

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We’re less than a week away from Binghamton’s most revered annual tradition: Parade Day. I’ve been partaking in Parade Day for almost a decade now and have been witness to a lot of interesting stuff. Below are three of the biggest fails I’ve experienced.

Why “Kirk”, Why

I’m starting off with the best story I have. So last year I lived in an apartment on Court Street which gave me a great view of the parade as well as Fail #1. It was just getting dark (about 2 hours after the parade) and things were starting to die down, or so we thought. My friends and I peered out my side window and noticed a guy (hereafter referred to as “Kirk”) hanging out on top of a roof (not sure how he got there) about three buildings away. Kirk then proceeded to make his way two buildings closer to mine, which put him only one building away. He started stumbling towards my building but there was one issue, the current rooftop he was on was higher than the rooftop he was jumping to, and my building’s roof was another 30 feet higher than that building. So he was essentially walking into a trap. Kirk only realized this after he had jumped down to the lower roof. Kirk was now trapped and looked like a mouse in one of those mazes…

We opened our side window and called out to him but he was so distraught he didn’t really comprehend what was going on. And to top it off his pants had fallen off, he was standing in a foot of snow, and it was about 15 degrees at this point. Being the responsible people we are, my friends and I called the police. About an hour later Kirk was rescued off the roof by the fire department. Learn from Kirk: roof hopping on Parade Day (or in general) is never a good idea.

Sweeping Her Off Her Feet

Fail #2 happened about three years ago but is still vivid in my memory. It involved my two friends who had been dating for a couple years at that point. My one friend wasn’t a huge fan of getting tickled (is anyone really?). Anyways her boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to start tickling her profusely. She tried to get away but was so overcome with laughter that it was hard for her to move.

After about 2 minutes she was able to slip out of his grasp and started to run around the dining room table, her boyfriend in hot pursuit, outstretching his hands for a second round of tickling. Having had a few beverages at this point, she thought the rational thing to do was run out of the apartment, barefoot. He, also being mildly inebriated, picked up a broom and ran out of the apartment (also shoe-less) and chased after her pretending to sweep her away (don’t ask me why).

My friends and I sprinted to the window only to witness the two of them disappear around the corner and out of sight. We didn’t see them again that day. Although, we later found out that they ran about a quarter mile to her apartment where they took a post-parade day nap together. I guess you could call that a fairy tale ending?

This Story Will Have You “Crawling” Back For More

This last Fail also happened three years ago. My one friend “Jim” had hurt his back weightlifting two days before Parade Day and could barely walk. My friends somehow convinced him to partake in Parade Day anyways and were fairly confident that a few beers would clear his back pain right up. Their sage pain management advice seemed to pay off and Jim seemed like his normal self. He even took part in our Parade Day “Harlem Shake” dance video (remember when that was a thing?).

The rest of the day went as planned, we all made it down to the parade, hit up a few bars and had an enjoyable time. All seemed to be going well for Jim until his buzz started to wear off, he got separated from us, and his phone died (recipe for disaster). We later found out from Jim, when he finally made it back to the apartment, that after his phone died and he couldn’t find us, that he started to walk back to our place on his own. About half-way through his trek back (3 mile journey), his back completely locked up. With no phone to call someone for help with, Jim was forced to continue his journey. BUT the pain had gotten so bad that he had to finish the trip on his hands and knees. Took him almost an hour to crawl a mile back to the apartment. Poor Jim.

Those are just a few of the biggest Parade Day fails I’ve been apart of. I’m sure you all have a few tales of your own, which we encourage you to share on our Facebook page.

Have a SAFE and happy Parade Day everyone!

Where I Would Go If The Zombie Apocalypse Hit Binghamton

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The mid-season premier of The Walking Dead aired last night. As I was watching, I thought to myself (as I have hundreds of times before): where would I go if the zombie apocalypse were to hit Downtown Binghamton? Don’t lie, you’ve thought the same thing.

After some careful thinking and strategizing I came up with three spots in Downtown Binghamton I’d head to first, in the event of a zombie take-over.

Twin River Commons

This place is a fortress. It’s made out of solid concrete and is surrounded on all sides by iron gates and chain linked fences. Presumably, if those barricades hold, nothing’s getting in. There’s also a variety of other security features like alarms, cameras and motion lights. Pretty secure if you ask me. And because it’s an apartment complex (for college students, no less) there’s an ample supply of bathrooms (assuming the plumbing is working), food (non-perishable Ramen), water and beer.

Even if the first floor were to be breached it would be easy to head to the top floors and just barricade the stairwells.

Oh and did I mention there’s a gym? Perfect for keeping fit to fight against any intruding zombies.

NYSEG Stadium

From the outside this place looks impenetrable. The entire outside is made of cinderblocks and 20 foot high steel gates. Once inside you have a couple options for shelter. Assuming the outer walls aren’t breached you could make your home in the luxury skyboxes, which have a high probability of being stocked with food if the BMets are in season. Even if they aren’t I’m sure there are freezers full of food somewhere inside the stadium. If the walls were to become breached you could lock yourself in the locker rooms, which lie deep in the stadium and would provide ample protection.

NYSEG Stadium is appealing for a couple other reasons: escape routes and weaponry. If things were to go south, the field is plenty big enough to support a couple of evac helicopters. And there’s also the possibility of hopping on a train passing through Binghamton on it’s way to salvation. If you get pinned down you’ll have ample baseball bats to choose from to fight your way through the zombie horde.

The Arena

Similar to NYSEG stadium and TRC, this place is pretty secure. Most of the entrance ways can be blocked with heavy metal doors and gates. The windows that surround the Arena will give survivors a 360 degree view of what’s going on around them to help make decisions and plan escape routes, if necessary.

If things get really hairy you can run up the spiral stairs (you know the ones you loved running down as a kid) and lock yourself up on the second floor. Besides the staircase the only way up are elevators and from the seats themselves. Luckily, the skyboxes all have pull down gates so you’re protected from the seating area and to my knowledge, zombies don’t know how to use elevators. Double bonus: the 2nd floor skyboxes and bar area will have food and water (hopefully).

If the zombie apocalypse were to hit Binghamton, where would you go? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day, CommuniKey Style

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Have you been putting off making plans for Valentine’s Day? The time for procrastination is over, because, uh it’s next week. Luckily for you, we’re here to help, with a range of ideas for the Valentine’s Day minimalist, to the seasoned professional. Whether you’d prefer to celebrate in your sweatpants watching Netflix, or with clinking glasses at one of the area’s upscale restaurants, we’ve got you covered.

Is there any greater staple of Valentine’s Day than flowers and chocolate? We didn’t think so, and at Endicott Florist, you can get both. They have a wide selection ranging from the more traditional bouquet of long-stemmed roses, to vases filled with colorful gerbera daisies and tulips.  Even better? They deliver. Show that you’re a CommuniKey member, and get 15% off of your purchase. So go ahead, upgrade to the deluxe arrangement. Your partner deserves it.

If you’re looking to get out and have some fun, we highly recommend an evening of wine and painting at Uncorked Creations in Binghamton. First, stop by Leroy Package Store on the West Side and pick up a bottle (or three) of wine at 15% off for CommuniKey members. Although my normal recommendation would be “all the wine”, I believe that pinots pair well with painting. If you prefer white wine, you can’t go wrong with Voga Pinot Grigio. And if red wine is more your style, Estancia Pinot Noir is my go-to.  If you can’t decide, get one of each, it’s Valentine’s Day after all. Not ready to call it a night? Head upstairs to Uncorked Wine & Chocolate Loft, and receive a free chocolate plate with the purchase of two glasses of wine. Wine and painting followed by more wine and chocolate? We’re in.

Would you rather wind down than dress up? Head over to Knead Relief on the Vestal Parkway for a couple’s massage. They offer everything from the traditional massage, or a deep tissue massage, to a hot stone massage, and even a prenatal, if you’re celebrating a little something extra this Valentine’s Day.  They offer 30, 50, and 80 minute massages, and 10% off if you show your CommuniKey membership.

If you’re looking to get away (but not too-far away) this Valentine’s Day, consider a day trip to Black Bear Winery, located in Chenango Forks. They’re offering a wine and chocolate pairing on both the 13th and the 14th, and as a CommuniKey member, you’ll receive 15% off any bottles of wine you purchase. Take some home to continue the Valentine’s Day celebration, bring some to a dinner party, or give it as a gift.  Wine makes a great gift, said a person who loves wine.

Number 5 and Lampy’s Mediterranean Grill offer up some of the area’s best steak and seafood, along with a great atmosphere. Show them your handy-dandy CommuniKey app, and you’ll get a free appetizer with the purchase of your entrée.  We recommend the barbecue shrimp, or the honey horseradish shrimp, or the Greek stuffed mushrooms, or the fried calamari.  You can’t go wrong, really.

Also, if you haven’t been to Moxie Woodfire Grill yet, you need to. Not only do they offer delicious steak and seafood, but gourmet woodfire-grilled pizzas. CommuniKey members get 50% off their second pizza (with the purchase of the first), so if you typically stick to pepperoni and cheese, go outside your comfort zone and order the Greek pizza at half-price. Also, do you know what pairs surprisingly well with pizza? Wine.

By the time you’ve finished reading this, you should have a pretty good start on those last-minute Valentine’s Day plans, but if you need further inspiration, open up your CommuniKey app and check out our full list of deals.  We promise that there’s something for everyone. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day. Make that special someone swoon.

PS: We want to make your Valentine’s Day extra special, so we’re giving you a free month of CommuniKey. Just enter the promo code VALENTINES2016 (all caps) when you sign up.

5 CommuniKey Hacks For Every Parent

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Raise your hand if you’re a parent? OK, good. Now keep your hand raised if being a parent can be stressful? There’s a 110% chance that your hand is still outstretched. Don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with that.

Hi my name is Dave. I’m one of the co-founders of CommuniKey and the proud father of three beautiful (but wild) boys. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned starting this business is that it can be very difficult balancing work and family life. Another thing that starting this business has taught me: how being a CommuniKey member can actually relieve some of the craziness of being a parent.

So here it goes, 5 of my biggest CommuniKey hacks for every parent.

Ordering Food Has Never Been Simpler-Have you ever heard of BingoEats? No? Well consider this your official introduction. These guys are life-savers. No really, I mean it. There have been countless occasions where my wife and I have gotten home late from work, picked up the boys from school/daycare, only to realize that there’s nothing ready for dinner. When this happens I simply pick up the phone and call BingoEats and they deliver our favorite food right to our door. Consol’s Vestal, Moghul, Binghamton Hots, Thai Time. No matter what you’re craving, they’ll deliver. Bonus: CommuniKey members get free delivery!

No More Rice To Fix Electronics-I’ve gone through three phones in the past two years. Not by choice, unfortunately. I leave those things out on the table and within minutes the screen is cracked or it’s submerged in water. I’m sure you can relate. Since starting CommuniKey I’ve gotten to know the good people over at 607 Tech Solutions. They’re experts at fixing broken electronics and they take great care of their customers. Bonus: CommuniKey members get 15% when they use their CommuniKey.

Our Cars Have Never Felt Better-We log a lot of miles on our car every year from taking our kids to school, practices, etc. All that driving puts on a lot of wear on the inside and outside of our vehicles. CommuniKey understands your pain and has partnered up with the teams at Meineke and Wash At Joe’s. Between the two of them they’ll make sure your car runs smoothly and looks great too. Bonus: CommuniKey members get 10% off services at Meineke and $2 off “Platinum” and “Super Ultimate Wash” at Wash At Joe’s (Vestal location)

Silence Is Golden (No Matter How Temporary)-I’m sure your kids love ice cream. I know ours do. But as you know ice cream can be filled with a ton of sugar and fat. Fortunately, we’ve discovered Sweet Frog (Binghamton) and Hoopla. They have a bunch of healthy, low fat and low sugar options. And our kids can top of their cups with fresh fruit and other healthy toppings. The best part? Kids really like froyo which provides a little bit of peace and quiet while they’re eating. Bonus: CommuniKey members get $4 small cups at Sweet Frog (that’s right, load it up as much as you want) and 15% off at Hoopla.

Kids Eat Free-Here’s another tip that isn’t CommuniKey exclusive but is definitely worth sharing: kid’s eat free every Tuesday at Consol’s Vestal. Just tell them CommuniKey sent you!

I know, if you’re like me, you probably don’t download a ton of apps…certainly not ones you have to pay for. I really want you to be able to try this for yourself though. If you download us off of Google Play or the Apple App Store and enter promo code “PARENTHACKS” your first month’s membership ($1.99) will be on me. After that you can cancel anytime, but you probably won’t after you see what you get for $2 bucks a month 🙂

A Little Bit About CommuniKey (In Case You Didn’t Know)

We’re a local start-up, founded by life-long residents of the area, who are dedicated making Broome County a better place. We’re achieving this goal through our mobile app membership program, which allows our members (3,000 and counting) to get exclusive deals/discounts at over 120 of the most popular local businesses throughout Broome County. To learn a little more about how it all works click here.

3 Reasons You Need To Visit Roberson During The Holidays

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This truly is the most wonderful time of the year and Roberson goes all out every November-December (and into January) to give you a Holiday experience that can’t be matched anywhere in the area. It’s an annual tradition of ours to visit Roberson’s “Home For The Holidays” and this time we thought we’d take you on a mini virtual field trip so that you could get a sense for what the magic is all about.

The Trees


We don’t know the exact count but we’d estimate that there are over 100, intricately adorned trees, spread throughout the museum and the mansion. The trees are so well decorated that you won’t be able to deny the beauty of the Holiday season. And there’s also an “International Forest” section which highlights the Holiday diversity of dozens of different cultures throughout the world. Cool, right?

The Trains


Yes, we know that the train exhibit is available year-round at Roberson, but there’s something about the Holidays and trains that blend so nicely together. The train exhibit is so incredibly detailed that you’ll even be able to recognize your favorite landmarks from Binghamton, Endicott and the surrounding area. Listening to the whistle of the train as it gently glides over the tracks definitely brings back some Holiday memories for us.

The Mansion

Close your eyes. Picture the Roberson Mansion. Beautiful right? Now picture the Roberson Mansion decked out for the Holidays with garland, lights, Christmas trees and dozens of other Holiday decorations set against the mansion’s detailed woodwork. This is truly a magical sight and one that you need to experience in person. Like now!

Roberson also has many other exhibits/attractions available including their digital planetarium, Treasures of the Vault, Journey From Our Prehistoric Past, and Vintage:1954-1964.

So we highly recommend that you make plans to visit Roberson during their “Home For The Holidays Exhibit”. There’s only a few weeks of magic left!

A Little Bit About CommuniKey (In Case You Didn’t Know)

We’re a local start-up, founded by life-long residents of the area, who are dedicated to building closer communities in Broome County. We’ve achieved this through our mobile app membership program, which allows our members (3,000 and counting) to get exclusive deals/discounts at over 120 of the most popular local businesses throughout Broome County. To learn a little more about how it all works click here. If it’s something you think you’d benefit from we’d like to give you your first month free, on us, as a thank you for supporting our business. Just use the promo code ROBERSON2015 (all caps) when you sign up.

PS: Our app is available for download on the iTunes Store and Google Play.

5 Of Our Favorite Endicott Restaurants

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Endicott is a melting pot of many different cultures, dating back to the Endicott-Johnson days. This blending of cultures has left the area with a rich heritage and an amazing food scene. Growing up and living in Endicott, we know what places are worth checking out. Below is a list of 5 places that we find ourselves at most frequently. Some are well known while others are slightly off the beaten path. Either way they’re all worth checking out ASAP.

1. Podlasie-This place doesn’t get anymore authentic when it comes to Polish food. We try to come here as much as possible to sample their homemade pirogies, flavorful kielbasa and and handful of other delicious Polish delicacies. We usually opt for the combination #1 which is a platter of pierogi, kielbasa and stuffed cabbage but if you’re looking for something really special, the Hungarian Style pancake is beyond amazing.

2. 1st Thai Basil-Authentic Thai food can be found right in Downtown Endicott at 1st Thai Basil. Their menu is very expansive and you can’t really go wrong with anything you get here. We’re big fans of their green and red curry, pad thai, thai fried rice (#3 spice; we like things on the spicier side) and drunken noodles. And no meal would be complete without an order of their Thai crispy rolls 🙂

3. Coco Mojo-The newcomer to the Endicott restaurant scene, Coco Mojo is dishing out authentic Caribbean food. We’ve been here several times and have had great experiences each and every time. If you’re looking to try something a little different make sure to try the stewed goat and the fried plantains.

4. Joey’s-Great Italian food sums up Joey’s. From the pizza to the sandwiches, Joey’s always puts out an authentic and delicious Italian meal. Our favorite menu items would have to be Pizza Bianco, the Calabrese sandwich, and the Greens-N-Beans. And during the summer we cap off every meal with one of their famous Italian ices/custards.

5. Baked Euphoria-Technically not a restaurant but there ar so many great things to say about Baked Euphoria. Bonnie and her team consistently serve up some of the best cakes, pastries, cookies and seasonal treats we’ve ever had. Our favorites are the kolachky, rainbow cake and stuffed cupcakes. PS: if you didn’t know Baked Euphoria was featured on TLC’s Bakery Boss, so they’re kind of a big deal.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t mention The North Brewery. How many towns can say that they have their own craft brewery? Well, Endicott can! Located right on Washington Ave, The North Brewery is brewing up some delicious and innovative craft beer. Our personal favorites are: American Dream and The Slice (seasonal pumpkin beer).

Just a reminder that CommuniKey membership gets you unlimited discounts at many of your favorite restaurants in Endicott including: 1st Thai Basil, Baked Euphoria, Coco Mojo, Joey’s Brick Oven Pizzeria, Kristofer’s, Lampy’s Mediterranean Grill, Podlasie Polish Restaurant, The Greek Key, The Krowbar and The North Brewery.

We want you to experience all of the great things Endicott has to offer so we’re going to get you started with 1 free month of CommuniKey. Download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and enter the promo code IAMENDICOTT (case sensitive) to receive your free month.

Black Friday – CommuniKey Style

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It’s here again. Batten down the hatches and get ready for the insanity that is Black Friday. We personally don’t participate in this annual, American shopping tradition but if we did, here is how we’d spend our hypothetical Black Friday.

First off, we’d probably roll out of bed around 8 AM. None of this 3 AM nonsense. We’re still full from Thanksgiving dinner and getting up early on our day off doesn’t sound appealing. But, to fight-off our general tiredness we’ll start our day with a quick caffeine fix/bite-to-eat. As stated above we’re still pretty full from last night’s feast so we’ll probably just opt for a coffee and a breakfast sandwich from Sip of Seattle, Chroma, or Nezuntoz Cafe. If we did want to go for the full-on fuel-up, a stack of Chris’ Diner’s massive pancakes or 3 egg omelets would be the way to go.

OK, so now that we have our caffeine fix time to do a little bit of shopping. As the owners of a company that promote local businesses we’re going to head out to all of our favorite local spots including Destiny Designs Jewelry and Gifts, Portobello Row, Red Barn Computers, 607 Tech Solutions, Sound-Go-Round, and Vapor King. Between those places we can knock out a good portion of our shopping. But honestly, as long as you’re supporting local businesses we don’t care where you go.

Lunch time. There’s two approaches we can take here: quick snack or meal. Either way it has to be quick. For a quick snack we’ll probably head to either SkinnyLicks, Sweet Frog or Hoopla for a fro-yo. If we’re looking for more of a meal Binghamton Hots will probably be our spot. Can’t go wrong with one of their delicious burgers, wraps or salads. Nirchi’s is also an excellent option. A couple slices of their famous chicken, bacon ranch pizza will do the trick.

After lunch, we continue our shopping for a few more hours. Like we said, shop local.

Time for dinner. We’ve basically been shopping for eight straight hours at this point. If we’re in Binghamton we’re heading to Burger MondaysZona or Thai Time. On the chance that we’re close to Endicott we’ll probably stop at Podlasie (amazing Polish food btw), Joeys, Kristofer’s, or 1st Thai Basil.

And to cap off the day and celebrate our first Black Friday we’re grabbing a drink from either Uncle Tony’s or The North Brewery. Because honestly, we need a beer at this point after fighting off rabid crowds of shoppers all day.

Enjoy your Black Friday. Be safe. Stay fueled.

PS: If you’re looking to join CommuniKey and snag some amazing deals year-round, download our app and use the promo code BLACKFRIDAY2015 (all caps) and we’ll give you your first month free 🙂


5 Reasons You Need CommuniKey For Your Senior Year At BU

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There’s nothing like your senior year in Binghamton. Most of your tough classes are out of the way, you’ve been there and done that in regards to most of the ‘Bearcat Bucket Lists’ and you have roughly nine months to spend with the squad before that whole “real life” thing kicks in. Here are five places we think we can help make your senior year one to remember:

Uncle Tony’s- We’re not telling you anything you don’t already know here. Chances are you’ve filed Tony’s under that “been there, done that” category we talked about before. What you probably didn’t know is that your second drink is always on the house when you have CommuniKey. Whether you had a rough day, or you’re just getting an early start on the weekend: your next one’s on us.

The Weekly Freebie- Senior year often takes “balling on a budget” to a whole new level. Fear not, we got you covered here too. Every week we roll out our “Weekly Freebie” where, if you’re one of the first twenty members to get to a business, lunch or dinner could be on us. We’re talking legit giveaways here. Classic Burgers from Burger Mondays, quesadillas from Zona, sandwiches from Nezuntoz, and about another dozen each semester. And if you can’t make the first twenty? These beauties are still 50% off.

Leroy Package Store- It’s your Senior Year, wine and liquor will be purchased. 15% off your wine, 5% off your liquor. We’ll just leave it at that.

The Bagel Factory- As you’re out late celebrating your last year in Bing, you’re undoubtedly going to need some solid recovery food in the morning. If there’s a better place to get it, we haven’t found it yet. The 15% off you get is great, but THE HOMEFRIES ARE F@#*ING MAGICAL.

Muckles Ink- While the amount of dark green t-shirts in your closet has probably grown exponentially over the past three years, you’re gunna need some swag to commemorate your last year in Bing. Let’s be real, you can’t leave without ingeniously designed Parade Day and Bar Crawl t-shirts that came from flashes of drunken brilliance. Fortunately for you Casey and Chauna are here to make them a reality. And give you 15% off. And they’re alumni like us (support them, you’ll be one soon too).

So let’s do this and do it big. Download off of Google Play or the App Store and let’s make this last ride a great one. In fact, the first month’s on us. Enter promo code “SENIOR16” and we’ll cover your first month’s $1.99 subscription.

Our Top 10 Fall Activities

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Despite the unseasonably warm weather, Fall has officially started.  Time to break out the sweaters, enjoy the changing landscape and partake in the plethora of Fall activities happening in and around Binghamton.

There’s actually a ton to do around here during the Fall. We’ve listed our most favorite activities (in no particular order) below. Get out there and check these items off of your Fall bucket list.

Cider Mill: They opened for the season in mid-August and we’ve already been there about ten times. It’s that good. If you’ve never been there we highly recommend that you stop what you’re doing and head over there. Located in Endicott, the Cider Mill serves up the most delectable homemade cider, doughnuts, candied apples and pies in the area. And they have a pretty large selection of pumpkins, gourds and other Fall decorations.

Reaper’s Revenge: The annual winner of our favorite Fall activity goes to Reapers Revenge. Technically, this isn’t located in Binghamton, but believe us when we tell you that Reaper’s Revenge is amazing.  There are four major attractions that are included in your admission: 1) The Haunted Hayride (An intricately themed haunted hay-ride through the back-woods of Pennsylvania with scenes from your favorite horror movies, plus some added scares) 2) The Lost Carnival (a walking tour through an abandoned and haunted carnival/circus) 3) Pitch Black (an indoor maze in complete darkness; truly terrifying) 4) Sector 13 (a walk-through filled with mutants and other scares as you attempt to reach safety). Each attraction alone is worth the drive (right outside Scranton), but all four together combine for one of the best Halloween experiences you’ll ever have.

Apple Picking: Our go-to spot for Apple picking is still (and probably always will be) Apple Hills. It’s located out towards Whitney Point, only a 15-20 minute drive from most places in Broome County. Apple picking runs through September and into October so there’s still plenty of time to get out there. AND if you weren’t aware, Apple Hills has one of the most delicious and scenic breakfasts in the area. We highly recommend the hash brown casserole (served on Sundays).

STIC Haunted Halls of Horror: We’re pretty positive that this is the scariest Halloween event located in Binghamton. It’s basically a giant indoor maze with dozens of different horrifying scenes. This year’s themes include: Blackout, Necropolis, Blood Creek Massacre, Outbreak, and Vortex of Terror 3D. It runs almost every weekend in October (except 10/2 & 10/3) and admission is only $13. This is definitely a must-visit, and all proceeds go to supporting the Southern Tier Independence Center.

Stoughton Farms: Located out towards Newark Valley, Stoughton Farms annually creates an epically challenging corn “maize” filled with dead ends and wrong turns. Last year it took us almost 2 hours to get through it (helpful hint: go to the bathroom before entering). Tackle this maze in the dark for an added challenge and amusement.

Boo at The Zoo: The staff at the Ross Park Zoo turns the entire zoo into a massive outdoor haunted house two weekends every October. It’s a good time and decently scary. Don’t worry, no animals are harmed in the putting on of this event.

The Pumpkin Farms: There are 2 major pumpkin farms near Binghamton: Jackson’s and Iron Kettle. Both are located out towards Owego and offer hay rides, haunted houses, mazes, and more. Both are a great place to visit on a weekend.

Social On State’s Oktoberfest: OK, we may be premature in putting this on our list but it seems like it’s going to be an awesome event. There’s going to be live music, German food, seasonal beer, outdoor activities and more. The inaugural Oktoberfest is slated for this Saturday (10/3) from 1-6 PM on State Street.

First Friday Zombie Walk: Zombies take over downtown Binghamton the First Friday of every October. The zombie apocalypse is scheduled for this Friday, 10/2. Beware of the walking dead…..

Wine Tours: Fall is the perfect season for a wine tour. Every season is technically a good season for wine but Fall is especially fun. Luckily, Binghamton is located only a short distance from the Finger Lakes. Most wineries only charge $3-$4 per tasting so it’s an affordable way to experience Upstate NY. If you want to stay local, Black Bear Winery offers wine tastings year-round. PS: PLEASE DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE.

That’s our top 10. Get out there an experience the best season of the year!