CommuniKey Mid-Term Hacks

By October 24, 2016 Updates

Hey guys Intern Dave here, I know that midterms are coming up shortly (or are happening now). Whether you have been hitting the books every night or its hitting you like the broadside of a bus, the Communikey team just wants to let you know that we have your back. We put together some tips to make sure you keep your sanity for the next couple of weeks.

Hours of market research has brought us down to just a couple of factors stick to these and you’ll be good.

WHEN: This is a huge factor when it comes down to studying. Let’s remember that the night before is not always the best time to study, but more often than not it happens. So when the struggle is real you don’t want to leave your bed or desk to go out and grab some food remember we offer free delivery with BingoEats so you can attack that study guide you made 3 months ago.

WHERE: Roommates partying, Bartle is packed, you just want a solid atmosphere and a table to call your own. Luckily downtown has some sick spots for this. Hit up our friends at Strange Brew right downtown and put in some work hours secluded from he madness. Oh yeah, 15% off with your ‘Key aint bad either to stay awake.

WHAT: We talk about these things that are 30% of our grade, sometimes the first test of the year we don’t know what to expect but remember they are just tests, pieces of paper, not monsters. Good or Bad it is not the end of the world. But we’ve been there, we know how it is. So after when you are hanging around praying to the Gods of Harpur for the curve of the century, go and take the edge off at Uncle Tony’s where you buy your first drink and your second is free with your ‘Key (and 15% off food or you Under 21’s)

WHY: Remember why you are doing this. If you are in the position taking midterms it means you are a college student, someone who made the conscious decision to go get an education, become better, and change the world. We believe in you and so should you. That’s why just for reading this Blog you will get a Month’s membership for FREE just use PROMO CODE: KEYHACK22