CommuniKey Weekly Observations (9/22)

By September 21, 2014 Updates

Here’s our succinct take on the top things that happened in Binghamton last week. Enjoy!

Look Back At Last Week

1. Restaurant Week-This event is pretty much a holiday in Binghamton. So much so that we strongly feel that everyone should have off from work during Restaurant Week. Get out and support the local restaurants!

2. Cult Movie Thursdays at The Bundy-Every Thursday the fine folks at the Bundy Museum have screenings of cult classic horror movies. It’s a good way to start getting into the Halloween spirit. Also, our friends at Muckles’ Ink are on-hand, live-printing some stylish tees to commemorate the occasion.

3.Reaper’s Revenge-OK, so this technically isn’t in Binghamton but it’s worth mentioning that they opened this past weekend. This haunted hayride is very well done and is a must visit for anyone looking for a great time/scare.