Going Above and Beyond Restaurant Week

By April 10, 2014 Updates

With the ten day long extravaganza of Binghamton Restaurant Week now coming to an end, where does Binghamton’s food scene go from here? It was exciting to see restaurants filled with guests ready to sample a three course meal to benefit VINES and the Boys and Girls Club of Binghamton over the past week, but will this buzz about eating locally continue? With the help of social media, I think that the trend of #bingfood can have a big impact on the future of this city.

Between BingSpot and the Binghamton Restaurant Week Facebook page, your news feed has probably been flooded with menus, pictures and statuses promoting the participating restaurants. Being the college town that Binghamton is and will become with the 2020 plan, this type of interaction between students and local businesses needs to continue. It’s fairly obvious that college students spend a lot of time checking their phones and various forms of media. Reaching them on these platforms will be vital to the success of the downtown community.

It is important for restaurants and other local businesses looking to appeal to college students to get used to engaging through social media. It is these businesses that utilize these tactics that will thrive and connect with the younger Binghamton generation. The reason I’m stressing this point is because there is a lot of room for improvement with the social media scene that is present in Binghamton today.

No matter how much businesses promote their work, it is the student’s job to take action and support their local community. The more money that is going directly back to residents and businesses for growth, the quicker the town will become a better place to settle down after your four years. Think about where your money is going and who you are supporting. Take action to give back to the city that gives you so much and you never know what the future may hold for Binghamton.

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