The Great Endicott Pizza Debate

By May 27, 2015 Updates

When you grow up in Endicott you learn at a very young age what good pizza is. In fact, pizza is such a serious thing in Endicott that friendships have started and ended based on pizza loyalties.

I’m not here to settle the great Endicott pizza debate, but only to offer my humble opinion on where I feel are the top 5 best places to grab a pie. You may disagree with my rankings, but what’s undeniable is that this town has some pretty amazing pizza. Let the mouth watering begin:

#5-Joey’s-Although the proverbial newcomer to the Endicott pizza scene (opened in 2002), Joey’s has made their mark with their crispy, delicious, brick-oven pizzas. Watching them make the pies is almost as fun as eating them. My personal favorite is their Pizza Bianco, which is Mozzarella & Ricotta cheeses and prosciutto.

#4-Roma’s-Putting Roma’s on this list is likely to cause some controversy. Not because the pizza isn’t delicious but because Roma’s has its fair share of fans as well as haters. Personally, I’m a big fan of Roma’s pizzas, especially the white with bacon, onion and tomato; that’s right, I bet you didn’t even know you could order that.

#3-Tony’s-Tony’s is one of my favorites and has been for years. Their pizzas remind of me of NYC style thin crust pizza. Their pizzas are large, cheesy and down-right amazing. My mouth is watering just thinking about them right now. I’d be remiss to not mention Nick’s here too. Their pizza reminds me a lot of Tony’s (I think Nick actually used to make the pizzas at Tony’s back in the day?) and is equally as delicious.

#2-Rossi’s-This place is an Endicott staple. Seriously, Rossi’s is so quintessentially Endicott there’s almost a 100% chance that you’ve had it at some point in your life. I prefer their signature square pizzas but honestly the round ones are just as delicious. Their most popular pie is the buffalo chicken pizza, and for good reason, it’s heavenly.

#1-Consol’s-Their “Hot Pie” style of pizza has been pleasing Endicott residents and visitors alike for decades. Consol’s is the definition of traditional Endicott pizza: the paper-thin crust, perfectly cheesed/sauced pies and the take-out orders wrapped in that iconic white parchment paper. All of these things combined make for an Endicott culinary tradition that is unmatched by any other restaurant. Want something special? Try one of Consol’s grilled pizzas.

I’d also like to give an honorable mention to St. Anthony’s grilled pizzas. These heavenly grilled morsels are only available three days out of the year at St. Anthony’s annual Italian Feast Days. Luckily for us the feast days are right around the corner (June 12th, 13th, 14th).

There’s my list. Some will disagree, but what we can all agree on is that Endicott truly has some amazing pizza. Get out there and have a slice…or a whole pie!