CommuniKey Weekly Observations (9/8)

By September 8, 2014 Updates

We’re trying something new here. We hate long draw out blog posts. So we decided to start a “weekly observations” piece. We’ll basically take a look back at the top three or four things that happened in Binghamton last week and give you a brief commentary. ┬áThe idea is to keep it short, informative and mildly entertaing.

Look Back At Last Week

1. Empire Fest-There’s a lot of potential with this. Great seeing so many people Downtown in addition to a relevant musical act (Bro Safari) coming to Binghamton. Road closures and lack of information on subsequent closures were definitely issues but we’re excited to see this event bigger and better in 2015.

2. First Friday-This monthly tradition was exceptionally awesome this month. The weather was unbeatable and Downtown seemed more vibrant than normal. Great to see the streets, restaurants, galleries and shops filled with people. October’s First Friday will feature a Zombie Walk so we’re looking forward to that.

3. Binghamton University & SUNY Broome Started Classes-Yes, lines may be longer at your favorite restaurant, but this is the sacrifice that needs to be made. The students bring a lot of energy to Binghamton and anyone who thinks otherwise is delusional. SUNY Broome recently opened their Student Village which will undoubtedly add a whole new dynamic to things in the region.

4. Football Is Here-Que the proverbial groan from non-sports fans and girlfriends, alike. Football is back (including fantasy). For many people (us included) this is almost a religious experience. The start of the NFL season also signifies the beginning of Fall, cooler weather and fun Halloween activities.